Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Brief Reflection On My Approaching Birthday

Well tomorrow I reach the ripe.. perhaps some would say over ripe... age of 47. Now, going by my experience of reaching 44, 45 & 46, I doubt being 47 will have any significant impact on my life and, more importantly, how I feel about my life. I still feel I'm 19 despite my daughters' ages, my body, my responsibilities and my lifestyle strongly being at odds with  that statement! Well phooey to all those because I live in my brain...how anyone can live anywhere else I'll never know...and my brain is a lissome, lithe, bubbly, active, optimistic and effervescent 19!

Despite the slings and arrows, and there has been a veritable torrent of those in the last few years, I still hope, if not totally believe, that there are adventures still to be had and good times to be enjoyed. A visit from Julie, a friend I've known for the best part of 40years, fanned those flames and her positive take on life...it's trials and tribulations..not only mirrored my own but enhanced them :-)

My life is pretty much the bog standard life of a middle aged woman but the people in my life are far from bog-standard! I have my lovely 3 daughters, Natalie, Candace & Yasmin who are simply the best and I have my Dad who, along with my  darling Mum who died in June, reminds and reinforces for me what a truly good human being should be :-) Beyond this, I am lucky to have other family and friends (online friends included!)who are supportive, interesting, funny, bloody minded, provocative, controversial, unique and kind...all qualities necessary to ensure a rich circle of companionship.

Approximately two years ago,  I was in Raigmore Hospital after suffering what was termed as a 'significant,brain injury'....basically I had Cerebritis...a brain inflammation caused by an unknown pathogen/toxin which resulted in me losing the power of speech, having visual disturbances and acute confusion. Actually, considering at first the medics thought I'd had a brain haemorrhage/stroke, this was the lesser of 3 evils! Two weeks in hospital, IV antibiotics and more MRIs and CTscans than I care to remember...(well actually than I CAN remember as memory, or rather its loss, is the one of the two lasting deficiencies I've been left with) I was discharged with speech, vision and mental state back to normal...well as normal as it ever was....I hear you Julie! ;-)
Apart from a small impairment in my memory and the inability to concentrate on anything for too long, I've made a full recovery and, when I think what could've been, I'm obviously very grateful :-)

So tomorrow I will have my birthday...and enjoy it...and not moan about my age and wish I was younger or that my presents/celebrations were bigger, better, whatever....I will be glad of the people who will be around tomorrow and think fondly of those who are not and wish all my FB/Blogger friends a happy, sunny, peaceful Wednesday :-)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Just a little follow on to 'We are all in this together'

Read this on a Facebook friend's page just now and I felt it was worth sharing.....The Tories...the Party that puts the 'n' in cuts.......

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

'We are all in this together'

I intended not to blog again until next week but if I hear the phrase 'we are all in this together' from one more Tory twat or LibDem apologist I think I will lob the TV through the window! I hate this pseudo inclusive 'a debt shared is a debt halved' pish that has been the mantra of the ConDems since May. The truth is that some of us are going to be far more in it than others...the predicted cuts in public spending are not going to impact on Mr Cameron and his ilk in the way they are going to impact on someone like myself whose income consists of Income Support & Carers allowance or someone in employment on a moderate income.So let's cut the crap and say it like it is...the poorer and most vulnerable should prepare to be shafted...aint it always the way...and the Eton Trifles and their cohorts should prepare for... their next skiing trip!

Monday, 18 October 2010

The Beginning...A Very Good Place to Start!

Well, I really don't know what has taken me so long to enter the world of blogging. Blogging certainly ticks a lot of my 'like' boxes...the excuse to spend unreasonable amounts of time at the PC, a forum to vent my spleen and give forth  my opinion on everything from the mundane to the controversial, the fact that I love language and  have always enjoyed putting pen to paper/fingers to keyboard and last but not least...I find that writing down what I'm thinking/feeling helpful not only in a reflective/ therapeutic way but also in organising and planning on what course of action, if any, I'm going to take.

Whether anyone will want to read my ramblings remains to be seen..but... certain friends who have 'encouraged' nay.. cajoled me into doing this had better at least be seen as followers...if only to check I've written nothing libellous about them in my weekly outpourings! ;-)

So there you have it....I've begun...and to quote my favourite neanderthal..I'll be back.....