Monday, 8 November 2010

November...Not for the Fainthearted!

Well we are now into the second week of November and it hasn't failed to disappoint - wet, windy, gloomy days that throw in the towel about 4.30 and give way to...yes, you've guessed it...wet, windy, dark nights!
As my FB friends will know....I absolutely loathe the winter...yes..before all you winter fans protest...I know it can be nice being snug, safe and warm, stuffing our faces with comfort foods while the rain batters off the windows and the wind brings the joyous sound of your whirly-gig being snapped in half...but, for me, it is a very limited pleasure.

I hate the fact that every day from November through to March is just going to be a slight variation on this theme....looking from the optimistic angle....if I don't get completely soaked thru to the skin every time I go out I might dodge double pneumonia for another year...looking from the pessimistic angle....I do get double pneumonia but recover in time to 'celebrate' that Christian Capitalist Conspiracy at the end of December!

Hmmm..I'll leave the 'C' word for the time being(never fear followers, I will return to it)because I refuse to contemplate it until we enter the 12th month...and return to the joy that is November! Apart from shite weather, the enforced confinement and heating bills starting to soar...November means bonfires and fireworks....oh yes! 

Now, I'm not a complete killjoy...I save that persona for you-know-when.. and I actually quite like watching fireworks and have attended organised public displays before at Glasgow Green and here on Skye. Alas, what gets on my mammaries are the f*ckwits who seem to have a problem with the old adage 'Remember, remember the 5th of November' Yes..the 5th of November...NOT I repeat NOT the frigging 5th, 6th and 7th of November...if you want to let fireworks off of on any other date than the 5th I suggest you stick them up your arse and do us all a bloody favour. This time of year is a nightmare for pets and their owners...and as the proud owner of 2 felines..I can tell you...that whilst one couldn't have given a flying fandango..the other one hasn't been so traumatised since his 'de-bollocking' visit to vet! end on a positive note...I became a Mummy for the first time in November...November 15th, 1983 and whilst giving birth is not so much a joy but more a melon > polomint experience...the end result....Natalie...was, and still is, brilliant :-)

Right...time to blogoff..and venture out and brave the elements..our super-duper bio-mass wood chip fuel central heating system needs a large cash injection and I'm meeting a friend for a slightly boozy lunch...that is what I love about Chardonnay....not just for November...but for any time of the year ;-)


  1. What are you like?!?!
    No - don't bother - i'll just lok in the morror and have a fair idea!!!

  2. lol very funny, hope your lunch was good X

  3. It was lovely, Lynne...I do enjoy a boozy lunch much more than a boozy dinner...drinking in the evening makes me too sleepy but a little swallow at lunchtime and I'm rarin' to go!